Rural Investment Properties And What You Need To Know

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Rural Investment Properties And What You Need To Know

If you’re looking to buy investment properties, you’re probably not thinking of rural areas. By far, the vast majority of real estate investors stick to urban areas. However, you should take another look at investing in rural properties. Read on to learn about advantages you might not expect.

The Big Rural Real Estate Upside

By investing where others don’t, you have a big advantage. You’re unlikely to get into a bidding war and wind up paying more than you want for a property.

Price, Price, Price

You probably already know that small-town properties are much cheaper than their urban counterparts. But most investors don’t realize that property taxes are cheaper, too. Throw in the fact that you’re unlikely to have to pay HOA fees in rural areas, and you have a property that’s relatively inexpensive to keep up.

Get In On The Ground Floor

There’s another advantage to being an investor in a small town — there’s likely only one or two realtors in an area. And by building relationships in town, you may be able to buy directly from owners!
With the COVID pandemic and the work-from-home boom, more people are looking to move out to rural properties or plan an extended stay in a rental unit or Airbnb. You can benefit from this trend by becoming a landlord of rural units.

Looking Around Fort Smith?

The Fort Smith, AR area is a place shifting to a more service-oriented economy. A new entertainment district and Air Force training facility are bringing newcomers to the area. There’s a ton of good investment real estate and homes for sale in and around Arkansas’ third-largest city.

When you’re investing in rural properties, it’s important to have investment realtors you can trust. Go with us for the best MLS listings in the area!

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