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Trisha Shrabel, Realtor - O'Neal Real Estate
  1. How long have you been in the real estate profession?

3 1/2 years

  1. How long have you been with O’Neal Real Estate?

 I have only ever done Real Estate with O’Neal, so 3 1/2 years, September will be 4

  1. What are some spring market trends? (interior or exterior)

Colorful interior designs, Clean exterior, nicely manicured yard, spring clean and organized.

  1. What can homeowners do to spruce up their curb appeal?

Add some plants or flowers to your landscape, paint your front door a new color, clean the exterior or your home and make a welcoming Entryway or and Porch, update your mailbox.

  1. What are your best tips for homeowners selling or buying in the spring season?

For sellers: Enhance your curb appeal, use a real estate agent, do minor repairs, clean windows and inside cabinets, spring cleaning, buyers: make sure and do inspections, get pre approved, pick a lender and make sure to use a real estate agent you like.

  1. What are your favorite things about real estate (buying and/or selling) in the spring? (trends or looks? Market differences?)

The weather is nice, people are ready to get out and look for properties for purchase, people seems to spring clean and organize, it’s a great time to sell and buy

  1. What are some features in a home that most people want? Big yard? Privacy fence? Certain exterior colors or materials?

That is hard to say, It just really depends on what the buyers’ needs are. Everyone has their own preferences but I would say buying in a safe area would be a major factor for most buyers.

  1. How popular are “fixer-upper” or investment houses?

Investment home and fixer uppers are pretty popular, Real Estate is a win-win situation investment.

  1. What do you think is important in succeeding in the real estate profession?

Knowing how to communicate with people and being genuine. Being knowledgeable in the current market.

  1. Do most clients prefer homes on land and more rural or closer to the city?

Again that depends on the specific clients wants and needs, some prefer rural areas and some prefer to be closer to town and not to have to drive real far to the stores and whatnot.

  1. Can you walk me through the typical buying/selling process and explain any potential challenges that you or the buyer/seller might encounter?

Buying: Talking to the buyers and knowing what they are looking for so you can navigate and schedule current listings that will be appealing to the buyer, getting your buyer with a lender they are comfortable with to get pre approved is one of the most important first steps, for sellers: making sure they are ready for showings and that the house is show ready, challenges for both in my experience has been agreeing on repairs and sometimes the appraisal process.

  1. Can you provide insights into the current market conditions and how they may impact my buying or selling decisions?

Interest rates are a major factor and rather it is a buyers or sellers market that would affect buying or selling decisions.

  1. How do you stay updated with changes in the real estate industry and market dynamics?

We stay updated thru training is probably the most important, Continuing Education classes are helpful as well.

  1. How do you foresee market conditions evolving in the near future, and what implications might this have for buyers or sellers?

I see a lot of growth in our communities as well as home values, that is great for both buyers and sellers.

  1. Are there any emerging trends in home features or amenities that are particularly popular among buyers?

A popular feature for a lot of my buyers here lately has been when the property has a well on the property.

  1. Are there any challenges or opportunities specific to the current market that buyers or sellers should be aware of?

 Interest rates have been a challenge In the past year,  we have seen them decreasing some, hopefully that will continue to decrease

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